The Baby Outside of HD

On Sunday 28th April 2019 19:12 Cora Elizabeth Ama, was born into this world, if not a little bit early! In the week leading up to her prompt appearance, my bladder felt as though it was going to explode; I felt a bit low and had dreadful reflux. I always said I thought Cora would… Continue reading The Baby Outside of HD


Although the third trimester hasn't been that enjoyable so far, it has been an absolute joy transforming and prepping our tiny 1 bedroom flat for Baby HD. It may be because I hardly get out much and spend a lot of time in the flat - but I have been genuinely excited by buying in… Continue reading Nesting

Maternity Leave

With only 6 weeks to go until we finally meet Baby HD time seems to be ticking by SO SLOWLY. We had an appointment with our obstetrician and discussed the finalities of having a C-section and securing a date for it which will be on Thursday 2nd May. I'm rather proud of my skills at… Continue reading Maternity Leave

Packing for a C-Section

I've been advised both by the obstetrician and by fellow C-sections mama's that post C-section you could be looking at a stay in hospital between 2-4 days depending on how well you are recovering. This makes my heart sink as I HATE hospitals, but the pay-off for having a safely delivered baby is far greater!… Continue reading Packing for a C-Section

Pregnancy Skin – The good, the bad and the rash…

From what you've already read about my pregnancy you've probably gained a sense that I've not really enjoyed it nor had the best time with it. This is partly true, however there have been aspects of it which I have enjoyed and fully embraced. One such thing has been my skin, let me clarify however,… Continue reading Pregnancy Skin – The good, the bad and the rash…

3rd Trimester Blues

We now have 11 weeks left until we meet her, and I have 8 weeks left of work! (not that I'm counting down the days or anything). I've been feeling a bit panicky and low recently and the lack of sleep, tiredness and constant trips to the toilet are bringing me down, but I am… Continue reading 3rd Trimester Blues

Getting Crafty

One of my main concerns throughout this pregnancy has been potential boredom. I'm lucky in the sense that being pregnant mostly over the cold, dark months has given me more of an excuse (on top of being pregnant) to go out less and hibernate. However, I've always been one of those people that has to be… Continue reading Getting Crafty

Living with Lichen Sclerosus

As I mentioned in previous posts I was diagnosed in November 2017 aged 31 with a dermatological condition that  many have not heard of  - Lichen Sclerosus (LS). My diagnosis came as a result of having a very difficult and painful smear test in 2016, where my nurse noticed some unusual thickening of the vagina walls which made… Continue reading Living with Lichen Sclerosus

Why I’m Choosing reusables Part 2 – Wet Wipes

I have to admit whilst looking into reusable nappies, I did briefly look at the option of resusable wipes. I didn’t really do much research and was a bit baffled by how they actually worked. Whereas I was basically sold on the idea of the nappies straight away, reusable wipes didn’t make sense to me… Continue reading Why I’m Choosing reusables Part 2 – Wet Wipes