Why I’m choosing reusables Part 1 – Nappies

Photo Credit to: DirtyDiperLaundry.com

Up until this point in my life I didn’t really pay any attention to the headlines and conversations of just how much it costs to have children these days. Since I fell pregnant, managing our finances for setting up for a new baby and for managing after she arrives is top on my list of priorities.  I can honestly say I now think and worry about this every single day. I really can empathise with our parents now and what they still must go through! I’d love to claim that my decision on having a try with re-usable cloth nappies and wipes was primarily an ethical, environmental one, but that would be a lie. For me this choice was firstly influenced  by saving money in the long-term. However the more I researched into reusable options, the more I learnt about how they benefitted the baby and of course the environment.

I’m not writing against using disposable wipes and nappies, and certainly not criticising all the mums and dads out there who use them (I mean what do I know, my daughter isn’t due until May!)  But this is a post about why I’m definitely sold on the idea of reusables and why I’m definitely going to give them a good try!

Firstly, I’ve realised if you mention the words ‘cloth nappies’ to any mum over the age of 60 the first thing you notice is a tired look in their eyes, and then you begin to hear the tales about the endless soaking of Terry Nappies in buckets full of Napisan. Well gone are the days of Terry Nappy terrors! Things have definitely progressed in this department! I think everyone is always instaniously attracted to bright colours and patterns so I’ll start be drawing your attention to the cloth nappy designs available first, and then go on to talk about the costing and environmental side of things afterwards… 

Baby HD’s Nappies

So here is Baby HD’s collection of cloth, reusable nappies from the company Bambino Mio – and aren’t they fun! I’ve not included the 24 white cloth inserts, they are just cloth sheets so you can imagine what they look like! But here are the nappy covers which are mostly the two-part Miosoft version. The front three are the all-in-one Miosolo version – both versions are explained in detail below. I am hoping (fingers crossed) that this quantity of covers and the 24 cotton inserts should last me from birth to potty training. I did my research on different brands and types, some not-so scientific research on how many nappies newborns and babies get through a day, and worked out how many to purchase from there. Having done my research and reading some useful reviews on mums.net I decided to go with the brand Bambino Mio.

Miosolo Nappy All-in-one

One of the main things that attracted me to this brand (besides the lovely prints) was the fact they offered different types of cloth nappies all of which are size adjustable. The Miosolo and the Miosoft. Both options are great, but I was concerned about the amount of washing I may end up with if I just went for the Miosolo route. The Miosolo is an all-in-one option (insert attached to nappy cover) so the whole lot goes into the washing machine at once.

Photo credit: Bambino Mio

Baby HD’s collection mostly comprises of the Miosoft range apart from 3 miosolo nappies. The MS nappy is made up of two parts, the nappy cover and a separate cotton insert which you fold and place in the nappy along with a liner. I preferred the Miosoft option as it hopefully means that if no poop or pee ends up on the cover, I can reuse that cover for the day. Also I liked the option to fold the cloth inserts in different ways to fit the shape of Baby HD’s bum. Both nappies do call for using a nappy liner – the Bambino Mio liners are biodegrable. The purpose of using liners is that it captures the majority of poop so it doesn’t seep into the cotton insert.

Mio-Soft Nappy Two-part

Photo Credit: Bambino Mio

So how do you use the Miosoft nappy?

Below is the official video which explains it all!

How did I justify the upfront cost?

My first starting point was to get an idea of just how much we’d possibly end up spending on disposable nappies from birth to potty training. I came across this useful site called WhatPRICE£? where it quoted that the estimated total cost of purchasing and using disposable nappies was around £800 for disposables for the first two years of a baby’s life. I then worked out how much a hopefully one-off set of resuables would cost me. In the end I was a bit crafty and waited until the Black Friday deals where the company had 25% off sitewide. I purchased the Miosoft Birth to Potty Pack in the mix option, 1 extra Miosoft nappy insert pack, 1 five pack of Mioliners, 1 three pack of Mioboosters and four extra nappy covers. In total I spent £172.27 on my whole kit. Without the black Friday deal I would’ve spent a total of £209.73, however if you subscribe to their newsletter you can get 15% off your first purchase.

I ended up getting some extras as I worked out that on average you could end up changing a new-born’s nappy up to 12 times per day, so I figured I’d need a set of 24 cloth nappy inserts, so that I’d have 12 clean and 12 in the wash. I also purchased some booster pads which you place on top of the inserts to increase absorbency for night time. I’ve recently purchased another pack of boosters and 3 mio-solos just to have in case I’m on the go! I am hopeful that what I’ve purchased will hopefully see us through to potty training (with the exception of purchasing liners etc) and in the long term that this choice will save us money. Did I mention that the company also do potty training and swim pants?!

The Ethical and Health Considerations

So now for the ethics, I won’t bore you with a list of facts and figures about the footprint that disposable nappies leave – but here is an interesting info-graphic:

 I myself suffer from a rare condition called ‘Lichen Sclerosus’ which I was formally diagnosed with about a year ago. I won’t go into what it is quite just yet, as I will be writing a post on the condition in relation to my pregnancy. However, I am concerned that Baby HD may also end up developing this condition, and I am evermore mindful about ensuring that whatever goes on or near her bum is as natural and chemical free as possible, and this was another deciding factor in my choice to have a go at using cloth nappies.

There are many other cloth nappy options out there besides from Bambino Mio (I’m not being paid to talk about them or anything like that). Here are some of the other popular brands out there: Little Lamb Nappies, Tots Bots, Alva Baby

So these are my reasons, they aren’t led necessarily by ethics, but that is a consideration. I’ve been met with criticism and laughter when I’ve told some people that I’ll be using cloth nappies – mostly because they say I’ll be making more work for myself. However I am confident in our ability to give them a jolly good go. I am in no way slating or having a go at anyone who has or will use disposables. I probably will at times for convenience, but for the most-part I aim to give the cloth option a damn good try because this for me at the moment seems best for our future bum, I’ll let you know how we get on….

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